Our ServicesFrom aerial photography to mapping, we love what we do and we promise to give you the best!

Real Estate: Photography & Video

Grab the attention of prospective buyers with stunning aerial photography and video. Understanding the beauty and advantages of a home’s location is crucial in making the decision to buy. Our drones use cutting edge sensors and programs to ensure the most stable, clear, reliable, and stunning work for our clients.

Corporations: Special Events Video & Photography

Promote and market your event with aerial coverage tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you need the focus to be on capturing a sporting event or prominently featuring branding during the even, our aerial services are the solution.

Construction: Modeling, Mapping, Video & Photography

We turn Drone Data into AutoCAD Revit models, calculate volumes of earth being moved, digitize sites, generate contour maps, survey, collect data for automated machinery, and carry out other advanced missions. We have spent hundreds of hours getting to know our equipment and we are licenced to operate it. This means better quality pictures and video in less time, at a lower cost and lower risk to you.

Insurance and HOA: HOA Inspections and Property Imaging

Our aerial services provide managers with crucial information to do their jobs properly. Aerial photos capture the “big picture” while close ups of hard to reach areas give pertinent information otherwise not attainable.

Corporations: Photography for Marketing & Dealerships

Facilitating the ability of our corporate clients to represent themselves from new perspectives and showcase their properties are a specialty of Moonbird Aerial. We achieve the footage for all of your marketing needs, ranging from ads to websites and more.

Custom Aerial Solutions

While our photography and video capabilities are top notch, our real strengths lie in our aerial strategies and practices. These talents allow us to achieve pretty much any task you can think of that begins a few feet off the ground. Get in touch and share your custom project!